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Judge Judy Dove Release Runaround; Uber Driver Payback?!; Clueless Young Mother?! (HD, New, TV-G) Women have a dispute regarding the alleged theft of 11 birds; a drive says she was forced to sign a contract; a woman can't remember the details of a car sale.
Family Feud (HD, New, TV-PG) Two families of five members each compete against each other by answering popular survey questions to determine who can reach accord with most answers.
The Conners Tangled Up in Blue (HD, New) Darlene has a case of the blues when David introduces his girlfriend at a parent-teacher conference; Dan hires Becky to help out with things at work.
The Kids Are Alright Timmy's Poem (HD, New) Two parents in an Irish-Catholic family try to raise their eight boys, but the oldest son an announcement that changes everything.
black-ish Don't You Be My Neighbor (HD, New, TV-PG) While Dre calls the police over minor problems in the neighborhood, he questions if he is setting a good example for Jack; Diane has a crush on someone.
Splitting Up Together Asking for a Friend (HD, New, TV-PG) Martin tries to avoid pregnancy rumors because he fears that the answer may ruin his chances with Lena; Maya tells Frank a fictional story.

All in the Family Oh, My Aching Back (TV-PG) After being involved in a minor car accident, Archie fakes a whiplash injury and hires a lawyer in hopes of collecting a hefty settlement.
All in the Family Archie Gives Blood (TV-PG) Mike tries to convince Archie to donate blood with him, but Archie stubbornly refuses because his blood might be used for a member of a different race.
Married ... with Children Cheese, Cues and Blood (TV-14) In a very desperate attempt to earn money she needs for an upcoming competition, Kelly hustles men for money by playing pool against them.
Married ... with Children Lookin' for a Desk in All the Wrong Places (TV-14) Peggy and Marcy set out on a journey together in order to locate and buy back all of Marcy's childhood furniture, which Jefferson had sold.
Married ... with Children Buck Has a Belly Ache (TV-14) Peggy is overcome with jealousy of Buck when the family gives him all the attention, causing her to flee home and go to Wanker County.
Married ... with Children If I Could See Me Now (TV-14) Bud and Kelly attempt to convince Al to visit the optometrist for a pair of glasses after causing numerous minor accidents around the house.

That '70s Show Uncomfortable Ball Stuff (TV-14) Donna attends the Pricemart Ball with Eric as a friend, but she soon becomes quite jealous when she sees him flirting with another woman.
That '70s Show Donna's Story (TV-14) Donna writes a story for the school newspaper that Eric takes offense to because he feels it mirrors events that occurred in their relationship.
That '70s Show Forgotten Son (TV-14) Red casts Kelso as a stock boy in his film segment about stocking shelves for Pricemart; Eric is unnerved by how close Kitty and Donna start to become.
That '70s Show Red and Stacey (TV-14) Red thinks an employee at Pricemart is a good match for Eric, but upon mentioning the idea she touches his knee and says she's interested in someone else.
Home Improvement Losing My Religion (TV-G) During Custom Cabinet week, Tim breaks an expensive piece of church property; a volunteer job makes Randy question his religious beliefs.
Home Improvement Thanksgiving (TV-PG) The Taylors spend Thanksgiving at football game, but when Tim causes a blackout, Jill and the boys are stuck in a luxury box with a producer from Hollywood.

Little House on the Prairie Men Will Be Boys (TV-PG) Charles and Jonathan test their teenage sons by letting them go to Sleepy Eye and back alone and on foot, but they follow them to be sure nothing bad happens.
Frasier Party, Party (TV-PG) Frasier is being stretched in different directions as he is supposed to attend a surprise party, a Safari Club meeting, and have a date all in one evening.
Frasier Sweet Dreams (TV-PG) New station mandates state that on-air talent read their own commercials, but Frasier starts an uprising to force management to overturn the order.
Frasier Good Grief (TV-PG) Frasier endures the five phases of grieving after being fired by KACL and finally comes to terms with the fact that he's unemployed.
Frasier Frasier's Curse (TV-PG) Frasier's high school reunion is coming up, and he is eager to avoid it as he fears his run of bad luck will continue to the event.
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