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The Bachelorette (HD, New, TV-14) Following the rose ceremony, Rachel and the remaining bachelors visit Norway, where she and one lucky bachelor rappel down an Olympic ski jump.
Celebrity Family Feud Bachelors vs Bachelorettes and Indy Car Drivers vs Sports Illustrated Models (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) Celebrities compete in a trivia contest to win cash for charities; participants of "The Bachelor" take on participants of "The Bachelorette."

In the Heat of the Night Hard Choices (TV-14) After his friend becomes the unwilling accomplice to a botched convenience store robbery, Eugene endangers his tentative probation by concocting a false alibi.
Monsanto Night Presents Lena Horne Featuring Lena Horne, David Janssen and O.C. Smith.
The Judy Garland Show (TV-PG) Singer Lena Horne visits the show to perform "Day In - Day Out" with host Judy Garland; comic Terry-Thomas performs a comedy monologue; Jerry Van Dyke returns.

Roseanne Say It Ain't So (TV-14) Jackie forces Dan to reveal news of his affair to Roseanne; D.J. wants to videotape Darlene giving birth; Jackie must face the truth about her love life.
Roseanne Hit the Road, Jack (TV-PG) Dan packs his bags to leave while Roseanne drives around Lanford drowning her sorrows in fast food; D.J. makes a new friend who listens to him.
Roseanne The War Room (TV-PG) Roseanne's family and friends try to pick her spirits up after she locks herself in her room and finally try an intervention in a final ditch effort to help.
Roseanne Lanford's Elite (TV-G) Roseanne attends a party at the Lanford Country Club, where she learns some disturbing news about the city from the son of her former boss.
Roseanne Some Enchanted Merger (TV-PG) Roseanne doesn't know what to do when she realizes that she is in love with the son of her former boss and that he is equally infatuated with her.
Roseanne A Second Chance (TV-PG) Dan comes by the house to take Roseanne out for a ride, but their reconciliation is disrupted by a frantic call from Jackie about a family emergency.
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