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Mr. Box Office
The First Family The First Class President (HD, Repeat, TV-G) President Johnson tries to convince Charles to run for student council president instead of class secretary of his school, even using his campaign staff.
Whacked-Out Sports (TV-14) Narrator Tom Gottlieb presents user-submitted and professional videos of failed stunts, bloopers and classic backfires on amateur and experienced athletes.
Made in Hollywood "Den of Thieves", "Forever My Girl" & 2018 Award Nominated Movies (HD, New, TV-PG) Stars and filmmakers offer sneak previews, behind-the-scenes glimpses and inside looks at the prestigious awards shows and premieres of upcoming feature films.
Ron Hazelton's HouseCalls (New, TV-G) Building expert Ron Hazelton offers advice for home improvement and gives tips on how to compete repair various items on household projects.
Entertainers with Byron Allen (New, TV-PG) Comic and writer Byron Allen interviews the biggest stars in Hollywood to get all the details on their latest projects and their personal stories.

« The Tall T (TV-PG, NR, ***) When a stagecoach is captured and held for ransom by three desperados, one passenger tries to create dissension between the bandits.
The Cisco Kid (TV-PG, NR, **) A heroic outlaw and his jovial sidekick help a band of Mexican revolutionaries who are being repressed by villainous, imperial French colonists.

Roseanne Like a New Job (TV-PG) Roseanne decides to take a second job at a coffee shop to add onto her busy schedule, leaving Dan to watch over the family while she is working.
Roseanne Goodbye, Mr. Right (TV-PG) Jackie is injured in the line of duty, and when her boyfriend comes to visit, he informs her that he doesn't want to always be concerned about her.
The Drew Carey Show The Man in the Iron Chair (TV-14) Drew tries to keep Kellie away from her ex-husband, Daryl, who is confined to a wheelchair after an auto accident; Drew ends up pushing Kellie and Daryl closer.
The Drew Carey Show Drew Takes a Guilt Trip (TV-14) After Oswald fails his nursing school exam, Drew feels bad and helps him get a job at the web site; Mimi tries to get on Traylor's good side.
Grace Under Fire The Fall from Grace (TV-14) An old friend from the refinery tells Grace that he is desperate for a job, and she reluctantly hires him, despite knowing that he is not a reliable worker.
Grace Under Fire Grace Under Class (TV-14) Grace voices her disapproval about the expensive gifts that Quentin's girlfriend is buying for him, which upsets Quentin.
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