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« General Hospital (HD, New, TV-14) Anna offers words of encouragement; Sonny visits Margaux; Curtis is touched by Drew's act of kindness; Ryan gets close to Jordan; Elizabeth feels heartbreak.
Living East Tennessee
WATE 6 News at 4 (New) Local news and weather anchored by Lori Tucker and Bo Williams, with Meteorologist Matt Hinkin.
WATE 6 News at 5 (New) The latest local, regional and national news events of the morning are presented by the WATE 6 News Team, along with updated sports, weather and traffic.

« Walker, Texas Ranger Behind the Badge (TV-14) Ranger Trivette becomes jealous of Ranger Walker when his own attempts to impress a news reporter keep getting interrupted by his partner.
Walker, Texas Ranger Blackout (TV-14) Walker wakes up lying near a dead body but has no memory of who he is or what happened until he gets caught up in a dangerous game of crime and drugs.
Walker, Texas Ranger Deadline (TV-14) A state senator proposes disbanding the Rangers as a way to save money, but his tune quickly changes when his own daughter is kidnapped.
Walker, Texas Ranger The Siege (TV-14) Walker and several of his closest companions attempt to evade their daily grind with a much-anticipated fishing excursion, until drug dealers show up.

Night Court Fire (TV-14) A fire breaks out in the building so everyone is forced to head to the morgue for safety, but this doesn't stop Dan from watching the election results.
The Drew Carey Show Drew and Mrs. Louder (TV-14) Drew loses a cushy promotion as Mrs. Louder's personal assistant when she interrupts an office party tryst between Drew and Lisa.
The Drew Carey Show Science Names Suck (TV-14) Tensions rise when an old high school buddy threatens to usurp Kate's place with Drew and the gang, until the pair begin dating.
The Drew Carey Show The Electron Doesn't Fall Far from the Nucleus (TV-14) Drew is frustrated when his father returns to town to accept an achievement award from his lodge, and begins nitpicking about Drew's career choices.
The Drew Carey Show Isomers Have Distinct Characteristics (TV-14) Drew is entangled in office turmoil when he is forced to hire temporary employees to compensate for a big strike before Christmas.
3rd Rock from the Sun Jailhouse Dick (TV-PG) Dick offers his home to a convicted felon in hopes of rehabilitating him; Sally tries to help Mary find a new home for her mischievous dog Pepper.

« Murder, She Wrote Magnum on Ice (TV-PG) A Hawaiian private eye is mistakenly blamed for a murder.
Murder, She Wrote Obituary for a Dead Anchor (TV-PG) Jessica does some digging of her own after a news anchor is presumed dead on a leased boat in the beloved town of Cabot Cove.
Murder, She Wrote Stage Struck (TV-PG) The opening night of a comedy bound for Broadway with two flamboyant stars delivers death and drama.
Little House on the Prairie Come, Let Us Reason Together (TV-PG) Percival's Jewish parents come for the birth of Nellie's baby and his father argues heatedly with Harriet over the faith in which the child will be raised.
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